Thursday, 29 November 2012

Pastel Princess hair

Today I received a belated birthday present off my friend from uni - an Annabelle wig!
I've been moaning for ages saying how I must start a wig collection and leave my poor hair alone, well now I can. I am so in love.

(I'd like to believe this colour hair is the start of my transformation in to a unicorn)

I'd definitely recommend Annabelle wigs, they are so soft a they are so worth the money. I'm not a huge online shopper, things never arrive as nice as they look online but these really do (maybe even better in person).


  1. Now I want a wig so bad!! Never heard of this shop before and i've been looking! I want this one
    it looks better on the model head rather on the person though!

  2. I want so many! I don't ever want to take this off!!! Yeah that parting looks weird on the woman, look on the asos collection they're SO nice xxxx

    1. omg!
      i'm so getting that!!!